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For the Love of Katlyn slideshow

This video honors Katlyn Alix who ended her own life on December 4, 2014, at the age of 25. She was a brilliant light who showered love and laughter on all those who were blessed enough to know her. May her spirit live on in all of us. Learn more at

Katlyn's Georgia Aquarium Intern Application

Katlyn recorded this video in September of 2012, about 4 months after she graduated from Eckerd College with a degree in Marine Biology and Psychology. Not many people would be willing to sign up for "mouth to blow hole" resuscitation.

Katlyn's tall hat celebration in Boston

Katlyn went to Boston in October 2014 with Ryan and Renee to celebrate her 25th birthday. The video shows Katlyn and Ryan walking down the streets of Boston trying to bump people with their paper hats from Dicks Last Resort! Katlyn is being hilarious as always.... "Look how tall we can be in these hats!!"..... "You guys are the best friends ever!!!" OMG how we miss that crazy funny laugh.