For the Love of Katlyn - principles and practices for a better life


For the Love of Katlyn is a story about...

... a father's search for love and happiness, the unexpected loss of his beloved daughter, and his quest to help others in her honor.

...the wisdom of ancient religion and modern science combining to produce a set of universal principles and practices for creating a better life, centered on love and kindness, acceptance, understanding, gratitude, and humility.

...the dangerous combination of sexual assault and religious intolerance leading a beautiful and innocent young woman to commit suicide.

...a father and daughter, one that seemingly ends with Katlyn's tragic loss, but somehow is rediscovered through their connection across what at first seemed like an impenetrable divide.

About the Book

It’s Valentine’s Day 2016, just over 14 months since my daughter Katlyn, the love of my life, left this world of her own choice. She was only 25 years old. It is still nearly impossible for me to comprehend that such a beautiful and innocent young soul would commit suicide. Katlyn was the most loving person, and also the most loved person, I have ever known. And I had no idea how this could have happened or how I could go on without her.

This week my first book, For the Love of Katlyn - Principles and Practices for a Better Life, will publish in her honor. It is my gift of love to Katlyn, and so it seems fitting to offer the book to others on Valentine’s Day. It’s hard for me to believe that I actually finished this book, as after Katlyn left I could barely get through each day. But I soon found there was nothing else I could do but write in order to release my suffering and try to help others avoid such a terrible fate. Read more...

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Banner photo provided by Jeremy Hicks.